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**HURRY : ENDS 27/06/17**

Q: Who can squeeze 4 Liquid Cooled 1080s in a single PC? A: Evatech

When the University of Melbourne came to us and asked for 4 liquid cooled GTX 1080’s plus a liquid CPU cooler in a single PC we made it happen.

It sure wasn’t the easiest build we’ve ever done and squeezing 5 radiators and all that tubing in to a single E-ATX chassis but we did our homework, found a solution and the result was one of the highest GPU powered machines money can buy.

Powered by 64GB of DDR4 RAM, an 8-core Xeon E5 CPU, an MSI X99 X-Power Titanium, a 1000W 80+ Gold rated Corsair PSU and of course the centerpiece 4 MSI GTX 1080 Seahawks this beast of a system was built within a Corsair Air 740 E-ATX Case.

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GTX 1080 TI Benchmarks & Latest Nvidia Drivers Performance Boost

The GTX 1080 TI is here and it’s dam impressive!

The GTX 1080 TI is here and GTX 1080 and 1070 series cards have dropped! It’s never been a better time to buy as far as performance / dollar ratio goes and our friends over at have done the tedious yet important job of bench-marking this new beast.

You’ll notice the Titan X Pascal in the benchmarks below which comes very close performance wise to the TI but remember, that’s card is almost double the price and was never official distributed in Australia.

First in to the ring is Battlefield 1, Ultra Settings @ 4K resolution (3840×2160).

Next up, again at highest possible settings and 4K resolution is GTA V.

And last but not least, Watch Dogs 2, highest settings and 4k resolution.

For more benchmarks including 1080P resolution tests and much more in depth analysis checkout

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As you can imagine the first shipments are limited but  arriving often so get your pre-order in soon for ‘first in, first served’ allocation!

Good news if your already a GTX 1000 series owners.

Nvidia’s latest driver release (378.78) delivers Ansel support for Ghost Recon Wildlands, GTX 1080 TI support and a whole lot of DX12 performance improvements!



GTX1080 TI, Now Available in Evatech Custom Gaming PCs

As of this afternoon, pre-orders for the upcoming, long awaited new flagship GTX 1080TI gaming video card are now available across the range of custom gaming PCs.

Get in quick as stock is severely limited and is strictly allocated on a first in first served basis. First shipments should land late next week with system builds beginning the moment the stock arrives.

The first few weeks will be limited to the founders editions provided by Nvidia with AIB partners like MSI, Gigabyte and Asus adding their custom designed coolers and PCBs to the mix roughly a month or so after the first cards land in Australia.

Nvidia boasts that this is the biggest and best TI release with the largest performance increase of any TI edition model in history (Up to 35%).

With 3584 cuda cores, 11GB of GDDR5X memory and 11Gbps throughput this is a beast of GPU by any measure and truly secures Nvidia’s place at the top of the GPU game for the near future.

Worth noting that Nvidia has also dropped the DVI cable support natively and while there are HDMI to DVI adapters, the card itself will only come with HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. However if your monitor doesn’t support HDMI or DisplayPort maybe a new monitor should be at the top of your shopping list instead of this card (which should be second).

So what are you waiting for, head on over to our store page and start customizing your next GTX 1080TI powered gaming PC today and be among the first in the world to bask in the glory of having the worlds fastest consumer gaming GPU on the market.

Nvidia GTX 1080 TI Rumors Surface [12GB / 3328 Cores / 250w TDP]

With a GTX 1080 TI GPU from Nvidia all but inevitable, rumors have been swirling around the internet since the launch of the GTX 1080 back in June as to the specs and release date.

Sweclockers reported earlier this week that leaks from a Chinese forum known to be reliable from past releases detailed the specifications of the card and mentioned a release is slated for January 2017.

Titan X (Pascal)

GTX 1080 Ti

GTX 1080

GTX 1060


16 nm TSMC

16 nm TSMC

16 nm TSMC

16 nm TSMC







471 mm2

471 mm2

314 mm2

200 mm2


12 m

12 m

7,2 m

4,4 m






CUDA Cores

3 584

3 328

2 560

1 280

Texture Streams










GPU Base

1 417 MHz

1 503 MHz

1 607 MHz

1 506 MHz

GPU Boost

1 531 MHz

1 623 MHz

1 733 MHz

1 708 MHz


10 974

10 803

8 873

4 372







12 GB  X

12 GB X

8 GB X

6 GB

Memory Clock

10 000

10 000

10 000

8 000

Memory B/w

480 GB/s

480 GB/s

320 GB/s

192 GB/s







HDMI 2.0
3x  DP 1.4

HDMI 2.0b
3x DP 1.4

HDMI 2.0b
3x DP 1.4

HDMI 2.0b
3x DP 1.4


250 W

250 W

180 W

120 W

Bare in mind these are still unofficial, pricing is unknown and release dates are uncertain. Anything could change between now and the release of the the GTX 1080 TI, but from what we can see, these specifications would make a lot of sense.

Founders editions cards are likely to be all that’s available with the first shipment or two out of Nvidia but we expect all the usual suspects (Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, EVGA etc) to bring factory overclocked non-reference editions to market shortly there after.

Stay tuned to Evatech for more details as they arise.

GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080’s From MSI, Asus and Gigabyte in stock!

With stock shortages plaguing retailers and distributors world wide, stock comes and goes so fast we barely have time to scan in them in before they are shipped out or picked up from our store! While stock allocations are slowly improving we still advise customers to place orders online and wait for the ‘ready for pickup’ email or get your pre-orders if you require shipping ASAP to avoid disappointment.

With some of the big resellers out of stock for extended periods of time we secure multiple shipments a week to make sure you wait as little possible to get your hands on your brand 10 series GPU.

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GTX 1080 Graphics Card Announcement from Nvidia

Nvidia’s long anticipated next generation Pascal GPU is set to hit stores in the form of the GTX 1080 within a month or two boasting 8GB of 10Gbps GDDR5X, 2560 CUDA cores and a new, much bolder stock cooler.


Claims of 2x-3x the performance in VR gaming with 1.5x + the performance in regular DX12 games over it’s GTX 980 predecessor line the Nvidia announcement page. Checkout the announcement trailer below for a quick run down of the headline features.

Until we have a better idea of pricing and get our hands on one of these ourselves to truly test Nvidia’s claims we can’t say whether it’s best to wait a month or two for a GTX 1080 powered custom PC or just build one today with the current 900 series. That being said, expect launch prices to well above that of the GTX 980 and stock shortages for a few weeks come launch day.

If past experience is anything to go by, expect GTX 1080 TI’s, 1070’s and 1060’s to replace the rest of the 900 series slowly over the rest of the year with the full line up in place by Christmas. But if you want don’t want to wait and are itching to get your game on sooner, the very formidable Maxwell powered 900 series is still a great choice and available right now at over at out custom gaming PC page.

Stay tuned to Evatech for details (price, release date, stock availability etc) as we creep closer to launch!

Custom Gaming PC Best (& Least) Selling Hardware By City

Here at Evatech we love data! Not selling or sharing personal data with ad agencies, but generalized market data that can help us better understand and serve our customer base.  Just in case anyone else finds this as interesting as we do,  here is a look at what gaming hardware PC gamers are buying broken down by city. Continue reading “Custom Gaming PC Best (& Least) Selling Hardware By City”

Nvidia GTX 950 and 950TI Rumors Circulate.

Repeated by several unverified sources, the claim that Nvidia is preparing GTX 950 and 950 TIs to replace their long standing GTX 750’s currently doing battle with the AMD R7 line up.

If the rumors are true (and they do seem to be) the new cards will be based upon the GM206-300 GPU currently powering the GTX960, at lower clock rates and a 128bit memory bus.

No specifics announced in terms of release dates or pricing but it seems likely the move will come sooner rather than later and that these new X50 series cards will replace the GTX 750TI price point at the $150-$200 mark.

The now 18 month old GTX 750TI was amazing value for it’s entry level gaming GPU price point and we have every reason to expect the same from its inevitable replacement.


GTX 980 TI’s Now Available in our Custom Gaming PCs!

We are very excited to announce, that as of today, all three lines of of our custom gaming PCs now come with the option to select the the brand new, long awaited, powerhouse gaming GPU from Nvidia, the GTX 980 TI.

With 6GB of GDDR5 and 2816 Cuda cores the GTX 980 TI is only a small step down from the TITAN but at a $500 lower price point. Where the titan comes packed with double the memory it seems as though for the most part AAA gaming titles simply aren’t utilizing in a way that delivers significant performance benefits over the GTX 980 TI’s already very generous 6GB, even at 4K resolutions. Continue reading “GTX 980 TI’s Now Available in our Custom Gaming PCs!”