Customising a Gaming PC for Far Cry 5

We’ve done plenty of Far Cry 5 posts leading up to its launch covering the game-play mechanics, settings and story line so on the eve of its official launch date we’re going to delve in to the hardware requirements as we know a lot of you are customising gaming PCs on our site right now specifically for it!

While Far Cry 5 is a brand new title, we do know quiet a bit about the game engine it’s built on (Crytek) and have had many years of Far Cry PC releases from which to gauge the delivers target graphics settings / performance ratios.

Baring all that in mind along with our extensive research of anecdotal evidence from those who have played it already, these are still just estimates. Estimates we are confident in and definitely should get you in to the ballpark, but as with all PC games, background applications, patches, drivers and your specific hardware, your mileage may vary.

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Coming R9 300 unconfirmed leaks suggest new card much faster than GTX980

Screenshots posted on popular Chinese hardware forum ChipHell has shown a 3dMark 11 X score of X8121 reportedly achieved with a single R9 3 series card paired with a i7 4790K @ 4.0GHz.

Compare this to the results of a GTX 980 in the same test with the same CPU and the results are around X6850. That means if the leaked benchmarks are to believed, a 15% + performance difference. Continue reading “Coming R9 300 unconfirmed leaks suggest new card much faster than GTX980”