Summer Steam Sale Now On

Steam sales have long been an event gamers all around the world eagerly await for their chance to stock up on new games to tide them over to the next big sale.

Today the Steam summer sale (winter sale for us southern hemisphere dwellers) kicked off with some really compelling day one deals;

  • Rust $8.74
  • Doom $14.97
  • Assetto Corsa $9.99
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds $19.99
  • Final Fantasy XV $24.99
  • Ori and the Blind Forest $9.99
  • Hollow Knight $9.89
  • Prey $14.97
  • Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y Edition $29.97
  • Metal Gear Solid V : $9.99
  • Skyrim $19.97

*Note that prices are in USD.

If any of those games are ones that you’ve been meaning to get around to and just haven’t had the chance, well now is the time! Sales are updated daily so don’t forget to check back in periodically for updates!

Doom Pre-Release Gameplay Trailer. Guns, Demons & Speed

A far cry from the slow paced horror jump scare game that was Doom 3, the new Doom has been designed from the ground up around a very simple formula, Guns, Demons & Speed.

The developers themselves explain it best, take a look for yourself.

With a single player campaign, online multiplayer and a ‘powerful easy to use’ level editor built in Doom is out and is available on Steam!

To customise a PC for Doom (2016) – click here!