Battlefield 1 Official They Shall Not Pass Expansion Trailer

The first of 4 planned expansions to EA’s hugely popular Battlefield 1 is right around the corner.

Available March 14th, “They Shall Not Pass” introduces the French army as they defend their homeland on the western front. Four new maps, a new tank, a new elite class, a new stationary weapon and a new tank gun are also added to the fray to mix up the formula with a focus on close quarters combat.

A little later in the year but without a specific launch date announced just yet, In “The Name of the Tsar” is set to introduce the Russians on the freezing snow covered eastern front with “Turning Tides” and “Apocalypse” expansion packs to follow, each with more maps, classes and weapons.

We know there is mixed emotions about publishers like EA and Ubisoft’s post launch paid content updates and expansions. Many people think they are just trying to nickel and dime players with content that should have been in the original release. However considering the amount of content in each expansion and the original release, when it comes to Battlefield 1 and how many hours I already have and inevitably will continue to sink in to it, I personally feel the value proposition is pretty dam good.

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GTX1080 TI, Now Available in Evatech Custom Gaming PCs

As of this afternoon, pre-orders for the upcoming, long awaited new flagship GTX 1080TI gaming video card are now available across the range of custom gaming PCs.

Get in quick as stock is severely limited and is strictly allocated on a first in first served basis. First shipments should land late next week with system builds beginning the moment the stock arrives.

The first few weeks will be limited to the founders editions provided by Nvidia with AIB partners like MSI, Gigabyte and Asus adding their custom designed coolers and PCBs to the mix roughly a month or so after the first cards land in Australia.

Nvidia boasts that this is the biggest and best TI release with the largest performance increase of any TI edition model in history (Up to 35%).

With 3584 cuda cores, 11GB of GDDR5X memory and 11Gbps throughput this is a beast of GPU by any measure and truly secures Nvidia’s place at the top of the GPU game for the near future.

Worth noting that Nvidia has also dropped the DVI cable support natively and while there are HDMI to DVI adapters, the card itself will only come with HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. However if your monitor doesn’t support HDMI or DisplayPort maybe a new monitor should be at the top of your shopping list instead of this card (which should be second).

So what are you waiting for, head on over to our store page and start customizing your next GTX 1080TI powered gaming PC today and be among the first in the world to bask in the glory of having the worlds fastest consumer gaming GPU on the market.

Evatech vs the Rest. Custom PC Retailers Compared

We (Evatech) was proudly one of the first Australian retailers to offer a fully featured website that put customers in control of their custom PC builds, while ensuring you don’t accidentally order a system that isn’t compatible. Over the years, we’ve heard from our customers that our website is the best experience they’ve found, and we thought we’d check out what the competition has to offer.

We were fairly surprised to see that nobody has caught up to us. Here at Evatech, since launching our custom PC builder, we’ve never stopped coming up with ways to make it better or easier to use. Yet our competition are still years behind, lacking even the most basic features.

  • Instant on page incompatibility checking on all major component combinations (tens of millions of possible combinations) !
  • On page PSU wattage requirement calculator, because higher wattage means nothing if your not using it!
  • Performance indicators for all the latest and greatest PC games so you know what to expect before you spend a dime.
  • Order tracking from the moment you checkout so you can check in on every state of the process from invoicing to building, testing, packing and dispatch.
  • A very clear yet comprehensive guide to putting together a well rounded custom gaming PC for those not so familiar with PC hardware, available to browse as you build.
  • The ability to save configurations indefinitely, re-edit them, share them with friends or family for advice and come back later when it’s most convenient for you.
  • A physical location in Melbourne where local customers can drop in and get real advise from the team who are happy to walk you through every step of the process and take the order right there over the counter.
  • Secure, well packaged and fully insured courier delivery. We’ve shipped tens of thousands of fragile high powered custom PCs nation wide and know how to do it right.

Let’s compare. Continue reading “Evatech vs the Rest. Custom PC Retailers Compared”

AMD Ryzen Custom PCs now available to Pre-Order, builds start March 3rd

With the long and much hyped lead up the release AMD’s latest chipset and CPU’s, we’ve field hundreds of customers questions with the same answer. “We don’t know yet, nothing is official, it’s all just rumours!”. Today, that has changed! AMD has lifted the vale (NDA), announced the release date and allowed its motherboard partners to release the details of their line ups.

Stock is due to land March 3rd and the our newest edition to the Evatech custom gaming PC line up is now available for pre-order in the form the Wraith.

At this point in time there is two motherboard chipsets to choose from, the X370 at the high end and the B350 for mid range. There is also only 3 different CPU’s to make decision making a little easier.

  • R7 1700, the entry level R7 model sports 8 cores and 16 threads like it’s bigger brothers but at a slightly lower clock speed and no build in precision auto overclocking features.
  • R7 1700X is the next step up with a boosted base clock speed and the addition of auto-overclocking.
  • R7 1800X, the top dog of the lot at the highest clock speed and presumably cherry picked from the manufacturing process for the best ‘overclockability’.

While performance per core means the Kaby Lake CPU’s might still be best overall consumer gaming option, Ryzen’s twice as many cores gives it a real leg up in heavily multi-threaded gaming (and non gaming).

For previous AMD owners who was left with a bad taste in their mouth after forking out for the FX 9XXX series CPUs riddled with heat and stability issues and underwhelming performance, Ryzen is definitely worth giving AMD a second chance. With these 8 core CPUs now on the same 14nm process as Kaby Lake and only having TDPs of just 95w we don’t anticipate any heat issues with it only being 4w higher than Intel’s quad core i7 range which are extremely heat efficient.

I’m sure benchmarks and videos from YouTube reviewers will be flooding the internet shortly but we can already confirm, AMD is back in the CPU game and Intel better watch out if it wants to keep it’s current dominant market share in the desktop CPU market.

So what are you waiting for ? Jump on to our store website at and start customising the AMD Ryzen Wraith Custom Gaming PC today. Systems begin assembly when stock lands March 3rd, first in first served.

Civilization VI upcoming patch to add Australia

Yep, you read that right the first time. Civ 6 is getting an Australian ‘Civilization’. Prime minister John Curtain leads the nation who’s unique unit is the Digger, replacing the basic infantryman and receives a bonus when fighting outside it’s own territory.

Additional unique traits of the Australian Civ is added extra housing bonuses for coastal cities and a production bonus when other Civ’s declare war on it.

For more details checkout the first look video below.

Australia is getting introduced in the next content update to Civilization 6 expected to land in the next few weeks, yet no official release date has been announced.

To get started customizing a gaming PC for Civilization 6 checkout our game library page.

Welcome back Thermaltake with the Versa & View series Cases

After a short absence from our catalog Thermaltake is back with 5 new cases available in our online custom PC builder, Level 10 gaming Headsets and Poseidon Z RGB mechanical keyboards and Level 10 mouse.

Joining the line up is also Thermaltake RGB power supplies, 80+ Gold rating with gorgeous Riing fans providing cooling and RGB illumination within. Why? Well why not, if RGB is your thing, too much is never enough.

Established in 1999, Thermaltake has long been a well respected world wide brand of cases, fans and coolers. Their latest line of products are not only great looking but offer some really hard to beat value for the money. Solid construction, plenty of features, great designs and very competitive pricing makes the Thermaltake line up not only unique in many ways but a great choice for a lot of gamers and PC builders alike.

To checkout the full range of Thermaltake products click (here) of better yet, start building your next gaming PC in one of these spectacular Thermaltake cases in our online custom gaming PC builder store page here.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and explore our website for great guides, how to’s, build logs with plenty of photos of our previous builds and keep up to date with our news blog for all the latest gaming PC and hardware news!

Intel’s 7th Gen (Kaby Lake) now available in all Evatech custom gaming PCs

For a few weeks now, the phasing out of the previous generation Skylake series motherboards and CPUs has been taking place as the Kaby lake equivalents have taken over.

The full range of 7000 series model i3, i5 and i7 series Kaby Lake CPUs are now exclusively available and to pair, the latest generation Z270, H270 and B250 series motherboards.

The full Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake CPU Line Up

  • i7 7700K Quad Core 4.5GHz  – 8 Threads (Overclockable on Z270 Boards)
  • i7 7700 Quad Core 4.2GHz  – 8 Threads
  • i5 7600K Quad Core 4.2GHz – 4 Threads (Overclockable on Z270 Boards)
  • i5 7600 Quad Core 4.1GHz – 4 Threads
  • i5 7500 Quad Core 3.8GHz – 4 Threads
  • i5 7400 Quad Core 3.5GHz – 4 Threads
  • i3 7100 Dual Core 3.9GHz – 4 Threads
  • Pentium G4560 Dual Core 3.5GHz – 4 Threads

The new chipsets offer increased number of PCI-E lanes and m.2 SSD support along with native Kaby Lake CPU support, bold new aesthetic designs and a load of overall small improvements  behind the scenes for an even more rock solid user experience.

While the impacts on gaming performance are non extreme over the previous generation, it is measurable and most importantly, pricing has stabilized making the equivalent Kaby lake models on par with their discontinued predecessors which are almost completely sold out across all retailers.

So what Kaby Lake CPU should I use in my gaming PC build?

Of course it depends on your budget and the types of games you play, but for this particular recommendation lets make a couple of assumptions.

  1. You want to play any and all new release games for the foreseeable future on high settings at a smooth frame rate.
  2. You want the best value for money option, not to pay a dis-proportionally higher amount for a relatively small performance difference.

If this sounds like what you’ve been thinking, then our recommendation would be the i5 7600K. Significantly cheaper than it’s i7 bigger brothers, it still delivers all the CPU throughput you need for any gaming title. While it only has half the cores of the the i7, it’s a sad fact that very few if any game engines actually utilize these additional codes in any meaningful way that improves overall gaming performance.

We have recommended the K model and not the vanilla i5 7600 as it comes with a slightly higher boost clock speed (nothing major) but most importantly, it’s overclockable. We don’t recommend overclocking unless you get to a stage where your unhappy with your gaming performance and the CPU is the bottleneck because it can introduce system instability and heat issues if not done properly, but leaving the the option open gives you some wriggle room in the future should you choose to crank up the clock speeds and squeeze a little more life out of your machine.

If you have a particular budget or a different use case and need more personalized recommendations don’t hesitate to contact us via email, our contact page, Facebook or by phone during business hours and our dedicated team will gladly assist!

Also worth remembering, and something we remind customers almost on a daily basis here at the Evatech offices, be sure to balance your CPU selection with your choice of graphics card (especially for gaming PCs)! Matching the wrong CPU and GPU will cause a bottleneck and the last thing you want is to lose potential performance you’ve already paid for.

To avoid bottle-necking in gaming we typically recommend;

  • SLI GTX 1070 or 1080 with an i7.
  • GTX 1070 or 1080 with to be paired with a high end i5 or any i7.
  • GTX 1060 with a mid to low end i5.
  • GTX 1050TI or lower with at least an i3.

So what’s next?

Get in touch if you have any questions or jump on our store page at and start customizing your next Intel Kaby lake custom gaming PC today. With just a few clicks of a button, instant quotes, built in automatic compatibility checking, expert assembly and thorough burn in testing, it’s never been easier to yourself a custom built to order PC delivered anywhere in Australia.



RGB Case Lighting Takes Center Stage in this Corsair Tempered Glass 460X Build

Is RGB a fad? Everything from keyboards to coolers, mouse pads to RAM all come with RGB LED lighting these days and while some love to hate, others just love.

But how much RGB lighting is too much? Is there such a thing as too much? This particular customer went all out with 6 Corsair RGB fans in a single mid tower gaming build plus an RGB remote controlled lighting strip!

Various different LED modes can be enabled as well as the option to stick with a static single color. Although it’s not immediately clear, there is also an RGB lighting strip mounted at the bottom of the case that for the sake of this video was set to white as to not interfere with the full effect of the Corsair fans, but is also fully customisable.

Thinking this is overkill and you just want to spend your money on the components that actually contribute to gaming performance? Or do you think this looks good enough to justify the extra dollars spent? That’s the beauty of Evatech custom computers, you can have then any way you like, it’s all up to you.

Head on over to and start customizing your next LED or non LED lit gaming PC today.

2017 in PC Gaming, Time to Get Excited?


For Honor

There’s a lot of hype around this game at the moment as it goes in to beta a couple of weeks away from it’s official release. Plenty of videos online showing off it’s close range melee combat and game mechanics in which the online play consists of  small 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 game played in waves and a single player campaign mode follows Vikings, Knights and Samurai.  Knock downs, revives and Mortal Kombat style finishing moves with different character archetypes diversify the game-play and hopefully are enough to keep the game interesting and fresh beyond the first couple of hours.

Sniper Elite 4

Need another world war II third person sandbox shooter with slow motion x-ray disturbingly graphic shots of bullets tearing up your enemies? Rebellion studios have you covered. The 4th in the series is due to be released in just a couple of weeks (14th of Feb) and if it’s anything like the previous Sniper Elite titles, will offer a decent single player story campaign,plenty of nazis to murder and of course, the ability to shoot said nazis right in the nuts.



Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Thin Far Cry’s open world meets the Tom Clancy universe with a co-op tactical third person shooter layered on top and 100’s of outpost missions scattered across a the Bolivian setting amidst cartels and warring government factions.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Only a couple of months away and very little is known about this next installment of this massive franchise. A couple of trailers is all we have to work with but Bioware has promised this is the biggest game they have made to date and they have done away with their much criticized ‘loading elevators’ from the earliest installments.


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

The first of 2 sniper games coming out in quick succession, this one is modern take on the genre with plenty of Tom Clancy’esc gadgets, and a little close range stealth shooter action to mix up up the long range marksmanship and keep it interesting.

Unannounced Release Dates


Nothing to do with the now cancelled Prey 2 or it’s predecessor, instead this space survival horror game is set in an alternative sci-fi cold war history with aliens, space stations and soviets.

Red Dead Redemption 2

While the first never made it to PC, the sequel has been strongly rumored to be almost a sure thing, especially after the success of the PC port of GTA V. For those of you not familiar with the original, think GTA in the wild west.

Metal Gear Survive

A four player co-op zombie survival Metal Gear game on PC? Yep, during TGS (Tokyo Game Show) 2016 Konami showed off a teaser game play demo video blending the stealth shooter mechanics of MGS 5 with hordes of zombies.

South Park : Fractured But Whole

If your a fan of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s work, this should have you at least a little excited.  Trey and Matt are apparently the driving force behind the dialog and story line so we expect fans of the South Park series to enjoy it, even if the game-play elements are fairy basic.

Warhammer 40k : Dawn of War 3

8 years after Dawn of War 2 and the sequel has Warhammer fans chomping at the bit to get their hands on it. It’s been shown off at trade shows and online for A LONG dam time already and we can only expect that when if does finally drop, it should be well polished.

Note that this is only a small handful of the deluge of games coming this year and with a bit of luck we’ll get some more surprise releases, late announcements and some indi gems along the way.

Honorable Mentions,

Call of Cathulu
Halo Wars 2
Project Cars 2
Tekken 7
Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)
Crackdown 3
Mount & Blade 2
Outlast 2
State of Decay 2
Quake Champions
The Walking Dead ( FPS from Overkill, the PayDay developers! )

Time you upgraded your gaming PC?

Has your current rig already served a few years and starting to show signs of age? Are you getting less FPS that you really want to still gaming on a little 1080P display? It might be time in investing in a brand new custom built to order gaming PC to get the most out of your upcoming favorite titles and experience them the way the developers intended, in beautiful high resolution and frame rates, with all the settings cranked up to high.

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Resident Evil 7 PC : Verdict 9/10 – PCGAMER

Fans of the franchise have been waiting almost 5 years since Resident Evil 6, but the wait is finally over with Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard launching today worldwide and unlike last time, the PC release is day and date with Xbox and PlayStation.

Despite the concerns that come with traditionally console franchises getting PC releases as to the quality of the ‘port’, optimization for mouse and keyboard input and general performance and visuals, Capcom has risen to the occasion and by all reports pulled together what is arguably the best version of the game for PC.

With very high reviews across the board for all versions of the game, PCGamer was particularly impressed, scoring it 90/100 siting it’s return to the original games slow burning horror game-play and extremely well realized dark gritty atmosphere as the games true highlights.

With the game being equally well optimized for each platform by all reports, the PC version shines through as it should with higher resolutions, texture quality, lighting effects and filtering possible on mid-range to high end systems.

Now we know it’s a quality release, it’s a great game and your a fan of the previous games? The question now becomes, can your rig handle it.



  • OS: WINDOWS 7,8,10 64-BIT
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-7400 or equivalent.
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM DDR4
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or equivalent.


  • OS: WINDOWS 10 64-BIT
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 7600 or equivalent.
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM DDR4
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or equivalent.


  • OS: WINDOWS 10 64-BIT
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 7700 or equivalent.
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM DDR4
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or equivalent.

Well if your system doesn’t quiet make the cut, maybe it’s time you checked out our online custom PC builder and get an instant quote, built in error detection and free shipping + $50 instant discount with voucher code ‘evil7’ at checkout.

Quality top tier brand components, assembled and tested thoroughly by hand right here in Australia by trained professionals and delivered to your door nation wide, now with up to 6 months interest free available online^.

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