Hitman 2 Trailer Shows off Scale

With a PC release date of November 13th creeping up fast, the team at IO Interactive have released a new trailer for latest Hitman game titled ‘How to Hitman, part 1’. With a name like that, we can expect a few more.

Boasting a bigger better larger scale version of the previous Hitman game, fans of the genre will very familiar with the word shown off in the latest video, with the level on display looking like a Formula 1 race track where a driver is your target.

Scale a drainage pipe to slap a guy in the face with a fish after kicking his buddy off the roof? Yep, Agent 47 is back.

If you missed the previous Hitman game from 2016 you can now play 2 full story mode missions for FREE on Steam before you decide if you want to buy the whole thing or just cherry pick episode packs for $6.99 each to get your fill while you wait for Hitman 2.

While we expect the game to be running in an upgraded and tweaked version of the original engine, the increase in scale suggests an increase in the hardware requirements you’ll need to keep a smooth frame rate up in large crowds. If your gaming rig is getting a little old and could use an upgrade checkout our custom gaming PC range at our store pay today and get one delivered before it’s too late!

Battlefield V Gamescom Trailer

Gamescom kicks off next week in Cologne, Germany and a few games have already dropped new trailers just ahead of the show. Alongside Hitman 2, Tropico 6, a new Rainbow Six Siege operator trailer and a handful of indie games came a new Battlefield V trailer titled ‘Devastation of Rotterdam.

We are expecting a lot more of the feature and game-play specifics to be confirmed during the show but the trailer shows off a few snippets in-game footage to give  you an idea of the look and feel of the game as well as plenty of montages showing off the planes, tanks, APCs, destruction and scale of the maps. 

Right at the very end, a ring of fire is shown engulfing a a village with a tank and soldiers all running towards the middle in what a lot of people are speculating is a teasers for a PUBG’esc battle royal mode to compete with the already official ‘Blackout’ mode of the same vein. Take a look for yourself.

Battlefield V for PC is due out October 19th with an open beta for pre-order’ers kicking off on the 11th. Is your PC ready to crank the settings up to max and dive in? If not, checkout our custom gaming PC range today at our store page to get one delivered to your door.

Nvidia tease RTX 2080 ahead of Cologne 2018 Gamescom

Being in the custom gaming PC business nothing is more exciting than a big next-gen graphics card launch!

Rumors and speculation have been circling for many months regarding the new Nvidia GPUs. When would they be announced? What would they be called? How much will they cost? How powerful will they be? Well today an Nvidia teaser trailer was posted on YouTube and it seems to have answered a few, but not all of these pressing questions.

What we know.

What is it called? While it’s probably the least important thing, the name has been hotly debated online with early leaks suggesting the card would be called the GTX1180 which would be a logical step forward after the GTX980 and GTX1080 predecessors. However today the new teaser has all but confirmed the card will be dropping the GTX prefix for RTX and jumping all the way from 1000 to 2000 making the imminently launching new GPU the RTX2080.

Why RTX? Well it seems that these new series of cards will be focusing heavily on ray tracing power, a rendering technique that generates an image by tracing the path of lights and shadows for a more realistic real time image.

When will it be announced? Gamescom kicks off on the 21st of the month with Nvidia scheduled to have a big presence at the show. Until today everyone thought we would be waiting until the show began before we got any details but the prospect of launching a product called the 2080 on the 20th of the 8th seemed like too much to miss. We are not exactly sure how it will be announced but the teaser trailer clearly states it will be this coming Monday, the 20th of August 2018!

What the rumors say,

Take these details with a grain of salt as nothing can be confirmed until we hear from the horses mouth, but various AIB partners have been letting slip the fact that custom cooled (aka non-founders edition cards) will available as early as ‘sometime in September’ and would be running 8GB of GDDR6. 

What we don’t know for sure,

Well of course the most important thing any gamer wants to know is just how much of an improvement in performance over the previous generation these RTX cards will be. Followed quickly by wanting to know the price so they can grab a calculator and try to see if they can justify the purchase! Last but certainly not least, when will it be available for purchase? It seems to much to hope for that it would be on store shelves the moment it was announced but the sooner the better.

Jucy rumors of a RTX Titan are floating around that could launch along side the RTX 2080 for those of you with big budgets and a need for rediculous amounts of GPU power but nothing has been confirmed just yet and if it does happen, we’ve heard some speculation that it would come in at as much as $3000 USD, that’s about $4,500 AUD after GST.

Stay tuned for more details as they develop. It’s not uncommon for leaks to start springing up everywhere this close to a launch as more and more industry partners get their hands on the details to prep for launch. 

The Trailer,

What to wait for,

Independent third party RTX2080 gaming benchmarks! Nvidia’s official numbers have always been exaggerated and derived from cherry picked data they’ve specifically optimized for. Be wary of bold claims like 50% better than last-gen because it almost certainly be with a big fat asterix and tiny disclaimer hidden somewhere on the page. We suggest hold off until you get some real apple to apple comparison points to can stack up against the price. We will definitely be doing A LOT of gaming testing as soon as we get our hands on some and are very eager to report our findings.

What about the RTX2070 / RTX2060 and RTX2080 TI? Well these pretty much inevitable but as to when they will be released… that’s anyone’s guess. The TI edition or what ever they end up calling it 

Where to buy an RTX2080 Powered Gaming PC?

Rest assured Evatech we’ll have these available for purchase as soon as they are made available. If at all possible we will have a pre-order in place just like we did at the launch of the GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 TI so keep a close eye on our website to get your hands on the first wave of stock before it sells out.

If you are reading this more than a couple of days after this has been posted, head on over to our store page at www.evatech.com.au and they just might be available to order in our custom gaming PCs!

For those of you interested in purchasing a gaming PC today, well prices on current generation cards have come down significantly in the last few months as Nvidia clears out stock for their new generation of flagship cards so unless we are in a for an unprecedented leap in performance, you might pick yourself up a relative bargain if you get in quick. Expect the next-gen, what ever they end up being, to launch at a premium as they always do.

Doom Eternal Gameplay Trailer Released.

Quakecon 2018 is underway in Texas and with it came some big announcements from the teams at Bethesda and ID Tech. As well as an extensive Rage 2 game-play trailer the keynote included an announcement that Quake Champions will be permanently free to play and of course a long awaited in-game demo of the long awaited followup to the 2016 Doom remake, Doom Eternal.

From the rather extensive trailer it looks as though the development team are sticking to the fast paced run & gun action with plenty of gore and heavy metal formula of it’s predecessor, with a few refinements and additions. This means if you were a fan of the 2016 game you’ll be in for a treat but you were hoping for a return the slower paced horror / jump scare Doom games like the 2004 release, you might be disappointed. Here is a run down of what we’ve learned so far;

  • No release date just yet but the game looks pretty far along so hopefully it makes it in time for Christmas this year.
  • Plenty of new weapons including a shotgun mounted grappling hook to latch on to and propel yourself towards enemies across the environment.
  • Multiplayer will be a bigger focus than the original and completely developed in house by the primary team.
  • The game will simultaneous release on all three major consoles (including switch) along side the lead platform PC edition where the Doom legacy started, will offer the highest fidelity graphics and of course where the obviously superior control method of mouse & keyboard is the only way to REALY play the game.

So without further a’do here’s the trailer. 

Don’t forget the season of big game releases is fast approaching! Is your gaming rig ready to take on Doom Eternal, Rage 2, Battlefield V, Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Fallout 76, Just Cause 4, Darksides III, Total War Thrones of Britannia, Hitman 2, MechWarrior 5, Escape from Tarkov and much much more? If your answer is no, maybe you should checkout our custom gaming PC range today and make you get your order in quick so we can build, test and deliver to your door before it’s too late!

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Origin and Steam want you playing games!

Not surprisingly, Origin and Steam both want you to play the games offered on their platforms – so why is this news?

Origin Access

Origin has launched “Origin Access Premier”, which is the more premium version of their still available “Origin Access Basic”. So what’s the difference? We thought you’d ask.

AUD pricing at the time of writing the article.

The general consensus seems to be that if you see yourself purchasing two or more titles from EA (on PC) per year, this makes sense. One potential deal-breaker is that once you stop the subscription, the titles become unavailable to you unless you’ve utilised that 10% discount to buy it outright.

A monthly subscription could be a better fit for those who go hard at a particular game for a few weeks and then are unlikely to play it again because you’re busy with other titles.

Steam Flash Sales are coming back?!

Numerous sources over the last few days are reporting rumours that they’re returning, last seen some time in 2016 before Valve put an end to it.

Reportedly there is a slight twist to it, game developers can opt for the sale to last 6, 8, 10, or 12 hours.

So, with all that said, is your PC cut out for the latest and greatest games that are now more affordable than ever? If not, contact our helpful staff to see what upgrades you can get your hands on, or hit up our website for an entirely new custom gaming PC which will see you gaming for many years to come.

All we can say is, good luck to wallets/bank accounts around the world.

Fallout 76 BETA is the full game!

The Fallout 76 B.E.T.A FAQ has gone live on the Bethesda website and there’s a few surprises! Dubbed by the development team as the ‘Break-it Early Test Application’ the Fallout 76 BETA will consist of the entire game unlike many online game BETA’s that lock players down to a very limited early segment of the game. Even more surprising is that progression will be brought forward in to the final release! This means if you just wait until the game is released in November without playing the BETA you’ll already be behind.

How do I get in on the Fallout 76 BETA?

Well as usual it requires a pre-order of the final game to get access. Pre-orders can be made at falllout.bethesda.net or at participating retailers. Not all stores will be offering BETA access so check carefully before ordering.

Note that this time around the game will not be available for purchase on Steam with all digital and physical copies requiring registration on Bethesda’s own ‘Launcher’

When does the Fallout 76 BETA start?

There is no set official date but the official FAQ says ‘You’ll be able to play our B.E.T.A. starting in October’. We assume it will be roughly a 30 day lead up to the official November 14th Launch


This will still be a BETA for a purely online only game. Expect server issues and bugs! Additionally, while it’s the developers intentions to save player’s BETA progress for the full launch, remember things don’t always go as planned so be prepared for a slim chance of starting from the beginning come November 14th.

TLDR Summary;

  • Fallout 76 BETA is the full game
  • Progress (should) carry forward in to launch
  • BETA starts sometime October
  • Pre-order required for BETA access
  • No Steam version of the game
  • Full game launch set for November 14th

Shameless plug?!

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Limited Edition i7 8086K 5GHz Intel CPU, Worth it?

What is it?

The limited edition 8086K i7 CPU from Intel has been available for a few weeks now, first being released as a homage to it’s 8086 predecessor on it’s 40th anniversary.

Under the hood it’s essentially it’s a cherry picked 8700K with higher ‘out of the box’ boost clock speeds, but is that enough to justify the price tag? Well that all depends on how much value you place on that extra little bit of top end performance!


When it comes to gaming, as the CPU is rarely the performance bottleneck you might not be able to realize the full potential of the higher clock speeds. Of course this depends on the game in question and there are some that lean more heavily on the CPU than the GPU. Even in these situations you’ll be looking at only an extra 2-3% in frame rates at best over a 8700K so if gaming is all you intend on doing it might not be the best value for money option.


For more CPU intensive tasks the extra clock speed will definitely be a plus. For video encoding, rendering or general high end compute tasks the extra few hundred megahertz will definitely speed things along, somewhat predictably in line with the comparative percentage difference in clock speeds with it’s 8700K counterpart. So if you do edit videos, run large databases or utilize software suites that are dependent of CPU core speeds, the 8086K is definitely worth considering.

Can’t I just overclock a 8700K?

Well, the short answer is yes however Intel doesn’t guarantee that an 8700K can reach a 5GHz overclock and you might get unlucky. You’ll also have to invest in a Z370 series motherboard over the more cost effective H or B series as well as the cooling to compensate for the overclock. Not to mention the fact that if an overclock is applied improperly it can cause system instability issues and shorten the lifespan of your CPU and motherboard so you better know what you’re doing!

In summary,

The 8086K i7 is a great option for those who like the idea of an ‘overclocked’ CPU without needing the hassle of doing it themselves and dealing with the potential headaches it entails. It will give you a boost in productivity but not so much in gaming frame rates, although you get slightly better load times between levels. Should you buy it? Well if every second counts and you do a lot of video editing or similar heavy processing, then if it’s within your budget it’s a solid option. If you are more budget conscious and mostly just gaming, stick to the 8700K.


The 8086K is now available in our full range of Coffee Lake powered systems, check them out today at the links below;

Elder Scrolls 6 Revealed, CyberPunk 2077 & More

With Computex and  E3 earlier in the month it’s been a busy few weeks in the PC gaming industry with plenty of new titles and hardware teased for release later in the year and beyond.

The big ones that caught our eye where two RPG’s destined for the PC. The long awaited Elder Scrolls 6 and the game that stole E3 and seems to be what every one is talking about online, CyberPunk 2077.

For Elder Scrolls fans the new game looks to be much of what you would expect, in a good way. Better graphics, refined mechanics and staying true to it’s single player open world RPG roots. Unlike Fallout 76’s detour in to an always online multiple world environment where friends or strangers can drop in out of the game at any time.

Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red, the team out of Poland most notably responsible for the Witcher series, is also an RPG but set in, well you guessed it, a Cyberpunk depiction of the year 2077 not totally dissimilar to Dues Ex but with a totally different vibe that comes directly from the unique Polish CD Projekt Red development team.

Rumours have it that the drugs, nudity and violence will get this game refused classification here in Australia effectively banning it from store shelves in our nanny state and that a cut down censored version may be the result. Never the less, it should be trivial for us PC gamers to get around that and simply purchase it online from a country governed by adults who understand video games are not just for 12 year olds.

While both titles do not yet have a locked in release date, it’s safe to say it is probably unlikely we will see them this year. These large scale RPGs are a massive undertaking and quiet honestly we might be lucky to see them in 2019.

Lucky for us we will have plenty to tide us over until then with a new Battlefield, Call of Duty, Fallout, Tomb Raider, Just Cause, Hitman, Darksiders, Anthem, Crackdown, Escape from Tarkov, Metro and a ton more all on the way.

On that note, is your gaming PC feeling a bit tired and not keeping up? Want to make sure your ready to crank up the graphics to max and jump right in the moment your most anticipated new game of 2018 lands? Head on over to our store page and pick your self up a brand new custom built gaming PC today!

Summer Steam Sale Now On

Steam sales have long been an event gamers all around the world eagerly await for their chance to stock up on new games to tide them over to the next big sale.

Today the Steam summer sale (winter sale for us southern hemisphere dwellers) kicked off with some really compelling day one deals;

  • Rust $8.74
  • Doom $14.97
  • Assetto Corsa $9.99
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds $19.99
  • Final Fantasy XV $24.99
  • Ori and the Blind Forest $9.99
  • Hollow Knight $9.89
  • Prey $14.97
  • Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y Edition $29.97
  • Metal Gear Solid V : $9.99
  • Skyrim $19.97

*Note that prices are in USD.

If any of those games are ones that you’ve been meaning to get around to and just haven’t had the chance, well now is the time! Sales are updated daily so don’t forget to check back in periodically for updates!

Fallout 76? Bethesda Reveals Trailer ahead of E3

While very little was revealed in terms of game-play mechanics, release date or even platforms the game is being developed for, it’s been enough to get Fallout fans excited for the full reveal expected next month at E3.

What we do know is that the game is set in 2102 ( the earliest setting of any Fallout game to date ) and that it will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One with PC of course being the home of the franchise, it’s biggest play base and Bethesda’s lead development platform.

However speculation is that Fallout 76 will be a major departure from the classic single player story driven RPG Fallout fans are used to with Kotaku news editor Jason Schreier who no doubt has the industry contacts to lend his comments credibility, tweeted “Anyone who spends the next two weeks expecting Fallout: 76 to be a new traditional single-player RPG will be VERY disappointed”.

Battle Royal? MMO? We probably won’t know for sure until June 10th but it’s almost definitely going to be an online focused game of some sort. The rumors that are getting the most steam online seem to be that it will be a open world online survival based game along the line of Rust and DayZ.