Mushkin Enhanced RAM, SSD and Flash Drives! New Products, More Stock!

This week our massive shipment of Mushkin products landed at our warehouse with all your favorites back in stock and a lot of new products to check out! Among some of the more interesting gadgets is the USB3.0 Ventura Ultra SSD drive. These lighting fast devices max out USB3 ports delivering 450MB/s reads and 445MB/s writes, receiving critical acclaim for everyone who had a chance to review them. In comparison, the Kingston DataTraveler has benchmarked writes speeds around 35MB/s, the Corsair Slider hits around 43MB/s and even the 2nd fastest flash drive out there (Sandisk Extreme) only manages 50% of the Ventura Ultra’s speed with 220MB/s*. Continue reading “Mushkin Enhanced RAM, SSD and Flash Drives! New Products, More Stock!”

Custom Gaming PC January 2014 Statistics

January saw the release of our new and improved custom PC builder and with it, a massive surge in number of custom PC’s ordered through our website.

We get a lot of customers asking us “so whats the best selling XXXX?” or “what’s the most popular XXXX?”.

So we thought we would break down some of the statistics on what people are buying for anyone who might be curious. So without further ado, lets take a look.

Continue reading “Custom Gaming PC January 2014 Statistics”

Intel Haswell CPU Rundown

With the release of the 4th generation Core i CPU’s from Intel, we have received a lot of questions on performance and compatibility. So day we thought it would be best if we tried to answer some of the most common questions.

First off, in terms of performance, the increases over the previous generation Ivy Bridge CPU’s is minimal, at most you will see a couple of percent increase is compute power across most applications. However the real impressive addition to Haswell CPU‘s is not the performance, it’s the power consumption. Continue reading “Intel Haswell CPU Rundown”

The Notebook Cooler Showdown, Cooler Master / Deep Cool / Thermaltake

With so many notebook coolers on the market we thought it would be best to put a few of to the test and see if we can get any noticeable difference in cooling performance out them.

The Coolermaster NotePal U3 (3 Fans), Deep Cool N400 (2 Fans) and Thermaltake Massive23 GT (Single Fan), ranging from $12 to $41, where tested on the same laptop in the same room at the same ambient temperature and the results are in. Continue reading “The Notebook Cooler Showdown, Cooler Master / Deep Cool / Thermaltake”