Buying a new gaming PC on a budget, 3 things most retailers won’t tell you.

Not everyone has a few grand to throw at a new gaming PC and when you wonder through JB HIFI or any other big box retail chain, you might get put off by the $3000 Alienware systems. However a new gaming PC may be cheaper than you think…

Gaming Computers

Here at Evatech, we get a lot of questions from people not quite sure which gaming PC suits them. Which one is the best value? Will it run Battlefield? World of Warcarft? The latest Call of Duty? To really answer these questions you first need to consider a few different angles. What is ‘value’ to you? Is […]

Gaming Mice

What makes a mouse a ‘gaming mouse’? Let me provide you with a detailed answer on that. A gaming mouse can possess many defining attributes that when combined; give their user the ultimate control over their mouse movements. These attributes include variable DPI, additional buttons and even customisable weights. I’ll go into more detail on each […]

Mechanical Keyboards

Keyboards are likely to be the way everyone interacts with their PC, whether for home, work or gaming use – alongside the mouse of course. With the amount of abuse keyboards receive from us, it’s important that it keeps working to get us through the day so the desired task is done. Enter mechanical keyboards.