MSI’s High-Bandwidth SLI Bridge

While most of our customers don’t get SLI systems, there are of course some that do, and for most of these customers, the regular SLI bridge that comes with the motherboard is sufficient.

Then there are some customers who demand nothing but the best from their hardware, and we can’t blame them. This particular customer was spending over $6,000 on their system, before the 4K monitor they also ordered – so when he asked if we could get our hands on a high-bandwidth bridge instead, we had no problem fulfilling the request.

Here’s the pictures!

And here’s a regular SLI bridge, for comparison.

128GB of DDR4, Liquid Cooled i7 6900K & SLI MSI Gaming X GTX1070’s

We can only speculate as to what this absolute beast of a system is going to be used for, but we sure hope it’s for something a little more ambitious than Dota 2 and some school homework!

Sparing (almost) no expense, this build is a behemoth! The 128GB of DDR4 memory took almost a full 24 hours to burn in test alone and housed in a Corsair Graphite 780T chassis it’s physically massive as well.

Red sleeved cabling from the 1000w 80+ Gold rated PSU, red accented Gaming X GPUs from MSI, red LED lit NZXT Kraken liquid CPU cooler and black and red MSI Gaming Pro motherboard come together perfectly in the matte black Corsair 780T chassis with impressive results. Take a look for yourself.

dsc_low-to-high-gaming-x dsc_nzxt-and-g-skill-128g dsc_nzxt-and-g-skill-128g-wide dsc_sli-msi-gaming-x

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Valkyrie Custom Gaming PC in NZXT H440 White

This customer must have planned out this “Pro” build extremely well to have the colours match up so perfectly. The motherboard, RAM, case, case lighting, fan, and graphics cards (when customised right, that’s 2x GTX 1080s in SLI by the way) are all matching and colour coordinated.

As you will be able to see from the photos, the hardware is all of high quality, with no expense spared on the labour either. We put in our best efforts from the beginning so there is the best possible chance that our customers don’t need to come back to us for support. It keeps everyone happy, and keeps everyone gaming!

Ryu Custom Gaming PC in NZXT Manta White

Took us some time to blow the dust off the “build log” category, we’ve been crazy busy trying to keep up with the demand for PC builds with GTX 1080s, followed shortly after by demand for the GTX 1070s, and then things finally settled down shortly after the release of GTX 1060s – so here’s one of our best looking builds from the last 2 months of build log silence!

Ryu Custom Gaming PC in Corsair 250D – Evatech’s first GTX1080 Build!

The much anticipated GTX1080 Founder’s Edition arrived into our capable hands earlier this afternoon and we took no time at all to take some photos to share them with the world. We only received a small number due to the limited number of units that were allocated to Australia as a whole, as such, we sold out of them last week. The next shipment is due this week or early next week, and will have a larger number of units. From then on, things should get more steady and potentially cheaper, too.

Onto the pictures!

Ragnarok Custom Gaming PC in Corsair Graphite 780T Black

A serious gamer with a serious budget, spending over $10,000 on the PC alone. This PC sports the best Intel CPU (5960X) and 2x the best Nvidia Graphics cards (2x GTX Titan X) along with a whopping 128GB of DDR4 RAM and a shocking 1.5kW (1,500W) power supply, excuse the pun. It definitely goes down as one of our most powerful builds to date, but we expect that will be surpassed pretty soon thanks to the new generation graphics cards just around the corner…

Onto the rest of the pictures!

Pro Valkyrie Custom Gaming PC in NZXT Source 340 by Razer

One of our recent customers who was all about the aesthetics of the build, while also addressing adequately the performance of the system. This customer had a long string of emails back and forth between our staff about perfecting every last detail of the build, down to colour of the power supply cables (green) and setup of the green LED fans. Our staff were more than accommodating of each and every one of the emails and requests, resulting in a 5 star review on our Facebook page!

We’ll soon be offering the sleeved coloured power supply cables as part of our PC builder, but until then, you can speak to our staff about any custom requests you have.

Now, onto the rest of the pictures!