Ryu Custom Gaming PC in Deepcool Steam Castle Black

One of our recent customers requested that we take a picture of the hardware for his build before we opened any of the retail packaging, similar to what people do on popular website reddit when posting their own PC build logs.

We’re quite a transparent business and team, so had no problem catering to a simple request such as this.

Here are the pictures we sent through to the customer.

And a little teaser while he waited for the PC to ship out to him…

MSI’s High-Bandwidth SLI Bridge

While most of our customers don’t get SLI systems, there are of course some that do, and for most of these customers, the regular SLI bridge that comes with the motherboard is sufficient.

Then there are some customers who demand nothing but the best from their hardware, and we can’t blame them. This particular customer was spending over $6,000 on their system, before the 4K monitor they also ordered – so when he asked if we could get our hands on a high-bandwidth bridge instead, we had no problem fulfilling the request.

Here’s the pictures!

And here’s a regular SLI bridge, for comparison.

Christmas is upon us – less than 123 days left!

Ho-ho-ho! … What, too soon?

Tip: The above image is not designed to update, you have less than the time above!

The lead-up to Christmas is undoubtedly one of the busiest times of year for us. Every year we’re glad to be able to say that every customer has had their PC order delivered before the big day, and we’re on track to keep that tradition this year again.

So why are we posting about this 120 days out from the day? 120 days is the maximum length of our lay-by period. Meaning, if you put in a PC order today and paid it off within 120 days* then you’ll have one less gift to worry about later on!

Check out our full terms of lay-by (includes instructions on how to lay-by)

Get shopping for a PC

If you have any questions about anything, be sure to let us know by contacting us. Our helpful sales/support staff are always happy to answer questions and get you pointed in the right direction.

A reminder that our lay-by system requires full payment to be made before order processing can begin. This means you must pay the order total before you can get any part of your order. We currently do not have a financing option available and would suggest for those interested to look into a personal loan or a credit card.

* Last payment should be made in slightly under 120 days from now. This will allow time for us to confirm payments and build, test, and ship (if not able to do pickup in store) the PC in time.

Valkyrie Custom Gaming PC in NZXT H440 White

This customer must have planned out this “Pro” build extremely well to have the colours match up so perfectly. The motherboard, RAM, case, case lighting, fan, and graphics cards (when customised right, that’s 2x GTX 1080s in SLI by the way) are all matching and colour coordinated.

As you will be able to see from the photos, the hardware is all of high quality, with no expense spared on the labour either. We put in our best efforts from the beginning so there is the best possible chance that our customers don’t need to come back to us for support. It keeps everyone happy, and keeps everyone gaming!

Ryu Custom Gaming PC in NZXT Manta White

Took us some time to blow the dust off the “build log” category, we’ve been crazy busy trying to keep up with the demand for PC builds with GTX 1080s, followed shortly after by demand for the GTX 1070s, and then things finally settled down shortly after the release of GTX 1060s – so here’s one of our best looking builds from the last 2 months of build log silence!

End of July 2016 Weekend Special – Free Items & Free Shipping

This weekend only, ordering a custom PC from us will get you one, multiple, or all of the below listed specials, depending on how much your PC comes to!

Note that as an added bonus, we are offering free shipping by using voucher code SHIPFREE during checkout!

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Happy shopping! 😀

Ryu Custom Gaming PC in Corsair 250D – Evatech’s first GTX1080 Build!

The much anticipated GTX1080 Founder’s Edition arrived into our capable hands earlier this afternoon and we took no time at all to take some photos to share them with the world. We only received a small number due to the limited number of units that were allocated to Australia as a whole, as such, we sold out of them last week. The next shipment is due this week or early next week, and will have a larger number of units. From then on, things should get more steady and potentially cheaper, too.

Onto the pictures!

Ragnarok Custom Gaming PC in Corsair Graphite 780T Black

A serious gamer with a serious budget, spending over $10,000 on the PC alone. This PC sports the best Intel CPU (5960X) and 2x the best Nvidia Graphics cards (2x GTX Titan X) along with a whopping 128GB of DDR4 RAM and a shocking 1.5kW (1,500W) power supply, excuse the pun. It definitely goes down as one of our most powerful builds to date, but we expect that will be surpassed pretty soon thanks to the new generation graphics cards just around the corner…

Onto the rest of the pictures!