Haswell-E, X99 Intel Chipsets and DDR4 Memory, What We Know So Far.

Expected to launch and some point in September the X99 Haswell-E chipset is the first consumer motherboard series to support DDR4 memory. Here at Evatech we are getting a lot of questions from customers asking if they should bother waiting for this or not so we thought we would take the time to address it publicly online.

From what we know so far, there will be 3 new CPU sku’s, the 5820K, 5930K and 5960X. At this point the price points are still just rumors but according to Niels Broekhuijsen over at Tomshardware we expect them to start at around the $450 AUD mark and go all the way up to $1100 for the top of the line model. Continue reading “Haswell-E, X99 Intel Chipsets and DDR4 Memory, What We Know So Far.”

Up to 5 years on-site warranty now available with every Evatech custom PC

Evatech is proud to announce it has partnered with Australia’s largest network of computer and electronics warranty providers to offer 1,2,3 or 5 year on-site warranty services with every custom PC we sell!

That means if you buy an Evatech custom PC with a NWS warranty and any component of the system fails within the warranty period, regardless of where you live in Australia, NWS will send a technician right to your door, free of charge.

These new warranty options are selectable when you are customizing any of our custom PC’s at evatech.com.au. For a full list of warranty terms and conditions click here.

Intel’s new ‘Devils Canyon’ Haswell Refresh CPUs & Z97/H97 motherboards have arrived!

Delivering higher performance with lower power consumption, the code named ‘Devil’s Canyon’ range of new Haswell based CPUs has arrived. Now available in all our Intel CPU based custom PCs with a large range of Z97 and H97 chipset motherboards.

All in all there are now 10 new CPUs to choose from, here to replace the old Haswell line up, with improved clock speeds and integrated graphics performance. To see the full range checkout our Intel CPU category – here.

Checkout our new Devil Canyon ready custom PC’s today via the links below at our custom Gaming PC page here.
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Can’t wait for Steam Machines? Neither can we!

So we’ve gone ahead and introduced the new Raven Slim ITX Custom Gaming PC. Built upon the same case, power supply, CPU, motherboard and video card configurations as Valve’s BETA Steam Machines sent out to lucky steam users and press, this system is simply a Steam Machine without the SteamOS and controller (arguably not a Steam Machine at all) but only 2 small steps away from becoming one! Continue reading “Can’t wait for Steam Machines? Neither can we!”

Build Log (Intel Ultimate – Custom Gaming PC in a Cooler Master Storm Strkyer)

CPU: Intel Haswell i7-4770K 3.4GHz
Motherboard: Asus Intel 1150 Maximus-VI-Formula
RAM: Corsair 32GB 4x8GB 1600MHz CL9 Dominator Platinum
Case: Cooler Master Storm Stryker Full Tower Case
Power Supply: OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W 80+ Gold Modular
Primary Storage Device: Western Digital 3TB Green
Second Storage Device: Western Digital 3TB Green
Graphics Card: MSI GTX 780 OC 3GB TF
Optical Drive: Pioneer Blu-Ray Writer
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master V8 GTS
120mm Fan: [2x] Cooler Master 120mm Sickleflow Blue
Total: $3,059 [To view, customise, or buy – visit Evatech]

This monster of a Gaming PC combines the beast of CPU cooler, the Cooler Master V8 GTS with the very striking pretty Cooler Master Storm Stryker White case with side panel. With all those fans you would expect it be pretty noisy but once the sides of the case is on you might just be pleasantly surprised.
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Gunnar Indoor Protective Eyewear Back in Stock!

Are you the type of person who spends hours in front of a monitor every day? If you’re not wearing a pair already, you might want to take a look at Gunnar Optiks.

Programmers, gamers, system administrators, accountants, stock traders, graphic designers. If you spend more than 2 hours a day looking at a monitor, statistics say you are likely to be a victim of eye strain and fatigue. Do headaches and sore dry blurry eyes sound familiar? You owe it to yourself to give these a try. Everyone here in the Evatech offices who spends their days in front a monitor can attest to just how much of a difference they make.

Still not sure exactly how they work or what they are? This video below does a pretty good job of explaining the basics.

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The NZXT H440, now in 4 different colors!

One of NZXT’s prettiest cases to date, the NZXT H440 has just been added in the Orange and Blue, accompanying the already released, white and black/red models.

With 6 hard drive bays, space for an ATX or mATX motherboard, four included fans, fantastic cable management, large case window and drop dead gorgeous looks, its quickly become a favorite with enthusiasts. Continue reading “The NZXT H440, now in 4 different colors!”

A Value Comparison : Gaming PC vs Playstation 4 vs XBOX One

We hear a lot of console gamers complain about how much a gaming PC costs, but lets break it down a little and see what the real cost actually is. Now the following is only meant as an example, you can always manipulate data to skew the results any way you like, but we tried to approach this as fairly as possible.

The price of PC includes assembly, setup, a mouse and keyboard and everything you need to just plug in and play, just as you would with a console. No need to assemble it yourself, no need to bargain hunt, buy second hand, source parts from multiple different stores, pirate any software, everything you need is included.

All pricing information is referenced below, we tried to take it all from the most official sources possible, (XBox Live Market Place / Sony Store / EB Games / Steam) and of course the PC its self is sourced from Evatech.com.au.
Gaming PC VS Playstation 4 VS Xbox One

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Mushkin Enhanced RAM, SSD and Flash Drives! New Products, More Stock!

This week our massive shipment of Mushkin products landed at our warehouse with all your favorites back in stock and a lot of new products to check out! Among some of the more interesting gadgets is the USB3.0 Ventura Ultra SSD drive. These lighting fast devices max out USB3 ports delivering 450MB/s reads and 445MB/s writes, receiving critical acclaim for everyone who had a chance to review them. In comparison, the Kingston DataTraveler has benchmarked writes speeds around 35MB/s, the Corsair Slider hits around 43MB/s and even the 2nd fastest flash drive out there (Sandisk Extreme) only manages 50% of the Ventura Ultra’s speed with 220MB/s*. Continue reading “Mushkin Enhanced RAM, SSD and Flash Drives! New Products, More Stock!”