RGB Mayhem : X299 Build with MSI GTX 1080 TI Lightning Z & InWin Chassis

An absolute beast of a GPU, the MSI GTX 1080 TI Lightning edition was doled out in very limited quantities to official MSI partners not long ago and instead of hiking up the price and selling them to make a quick buck, we selected a handful of lucky customers who ordered a regular GTX 1080 TI powered custom gaming PC and gave them out as free upgrades!

Photo’s don’t really do it justice, but the very slick fully programmable RGBs that light up the card through an diffuser to smooth out the effect just like G.Skill’s Trident Z RGB RAM look spectacular.

Blue sleeved powered supply cables complimented the layout with RGB case fans throwing an ever changing ambient glow across the entire system as the enormous GPU took center stage through the tempered glass side panels of the InWin 509 Chassis.

Rounding out the build is a 240mm Corsair Liquid CPU cooler, a Intel i7 7820X Octo-core CPU, an NVMe SSD and Cooler Master V750 power supply. A great selection of the premium top tier products we use in our custom PCs.

It’s such a shame these cards are a short run limited edition! Is it about time you upgraded your old gaming PC? What are you waiting for!? Checkout our custom gaming PC editor (here) and who know’s, maybe you’ll be the next lucky customer who gets a free upgrade!

It’s easy to use, powerful, flexible and even has built in error detection, guides and game performance indicators so you don’t have to be hardware nerd to get exactly what you need or worry about compatibility!

Valkyrie Gaming PC in NZXT Source 340 White

This build turned out a lot better looking than we had anticipated by just seeing the parts list – so had to grab some pictures for you all to look at before making its way to our Fitzroy (Victoria) based customer! Scroll down for the full component listing. Click here to customise your very own gaming PC.

Case: NZXT Source 340 Elite Matte White
Motherboard: Intel Z270 ATX Gaming Edition
CPU: Intel Kaby Lake i7 7700K 4-Core 4.5GHz
CPU Cooler: 120mm Tower Air Cooler
Additional Fan: [2x] Ring Blue LED Fan
RAM: 16GB DDR4 Blue
Primary Storage Device: 250G SATA3 SSD
Second Storage Device: 500G SATA3 SSD
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1080 TI 11GB OC
Network: WiFi Dual Band N PCI-E Adapter
Case Lighting: Blue Sleeved LED Cable
Power Supply: 700w ATX 80 Plus Gold
Operating System: Windows 10 64bit Home Edition USB
PC Warranty: Gold 3 Year On Site Pickup & Return Premium Warranty Service
Service: Full Assembly, Burn-in Testing, and Setup

Evatech & Asus, Proudly powering screenPLAY on Channel 7

For the longest time Australian gamers (us included!) have had so little when it comes to quality Australian made gaming content. So when we heard Channel 7 was launching a gaming themed show hosted by @nichboy (Nich Richardson) and @hexsteph (Stephanie Bendixsen) of the late ABC show Good Game fame we jumped at the chance get behind them and show our support when they reached out to us.

Sworn to secrecy we worked with them behind the scenes for months before the show was finally announced mid June and since then the team has put out a tone of great content with weekly TV episodes, and daily web content including a tour of Blizzard studios, an interview with Nolan North, daily news videos and audience Q&A live streams the call ANSA on their Facebook page.

As an official sponsor of the show we provide the gaming PCs Nich, Steph and the rest of the crew use in their FirstPlay videos and Twitch streams as well as the systems they the film crew use for video editing and publishing. If you look closely in this screenshot you can see one of our custom built systems lurking the corner.

Asus, InWin, Noctua and G.Skill all showed their support providing a lot the hardware that went in to each build and ThunderX3 generously provided their great TGC22 ergonomic gaming chairs for the set (which come in 5 different color options to choose from!)

Here’s a few closer shots of that system you can see hiding in the photo above.

Powered by Asus Strix motherboard and GPUs, Noctua Cooler and Fans, G.Skill RGB Trident DDR4 memory and InWin power supplies and beautiful brushed aluminium and tempered glass chassis.

We also provided a Overwatch themed PC for them to use on what is so far an announced segment we are very excited for, we think it looked spectacular, what do you think?

Built in the always spectacular InWin 303 in white and powered by their 80+ Platinum power supply. Inside lays an Intel 7600K CPU in an Asus ROG H270 Strix motherboard paired with a GTX 1060 GPU. Again the Noctua cooler and G.Skill blue RipJaw RAM round out the system with some very pretty blue LED ring fans and sleeved cabling to match.

If you love games as much we do and you haven’t checked out screenPLAY yet, do yourself a favor and get on it! TV episodes air weekly at 10pm on Seven Mate (AEST) and their is always new content online. Checkout www.screenplay.seven for all the details and catch up everything you missed!

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Evatech, Proudly Australian with unrivaled first class customer service and warranty, nation wide delivery and premium latest generation hardware guarantee!

Valkyrie Custom Gaming PC in NZXT Source 340 White

An affordable yet powerful beast of a gaming PC that looks clean – sure to power our customer’s gaming needs for years to come.

Customise your own PC for us to build!

For reference, the specs of this one:

Case: NZXT Source 340 White
Motherboard: Intel B250 Chipset mATX Gaming Edition
CPU: Intel Kaby Lake i5 7600K 4-Core 4.2GHz
CPU Cooler: 120mm Tower Air Cooler
RAM: 16GB DDR4 Quad DIMM Black Series
Primary Storage Device: 250G SATA3 SSD
Second Storage Device: 3TB Hard Drive
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB
Network: WiFi Dual Band N PCI-E Adapter
Power Supply: 600w ATX 80 Plus Bronze
Operating System: Windows 10 64bit Home Edition USB
Office Suite: Office Home & Student
Packaging: Heavy Duty Packaging & Internal Foam – Required for all shipped custom PCs
Service: Full Assembly, Burn-in Testing, and Setup

Building A Custom Gaming PC to Play Overwatch

With Blizzard’s arena first person shooter Overwatch steadily growing to be one of the biggest of it’s kind on the e-sports scene, it’s also been rapidly growing in popularity among gamers, overtaking the likes of CS:GO, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Battlefield 1 as the games our customers ask us about most on a day to day basis.

So with that in mind we’re going to run down our recommendations for building a custom gaming PC specifically with Overwatch in mind.

Now if you’ve read any of our previous recommendations when it comes to building a custom gaming PC for a specific game, you will know the core components to focus on are the GPU, CPU and RAM when it comes down to performance.

Overwatch is both modest at the entry level but we’re going to focus on hitting 60+ FPS consistently at 1080P under the high graphics presets for this particular recommendation as this is what most of our customers tell us they are looking for.


As long as this doesn’t bottleneck the GPU, the frame rate is largely dependent on the video card. A quad core i5 7400 would be our recommendation but if you were on a tighter budget, an i3 7100 would get you 95% of the way there with minimum sacrifices to performance.


8GB is plenty for the majority of games and adding more RAM that just doesn’t get used, won’t boost your frame rates! The only exceptions might be the larger open world games or some un-optimized early access titles, or if you have a lot of background apps running when your gaming which is typically not advised anyway.

THE GPU (Video Card)

Now this is what does most of the heavy lifting, and for 1080P, high settings. For this a GTX 1050 TI would be our recommendation for those who are happy with approx 60FPS but if you wanted strictly above 60FPS at all times, the GTX 1060 3G would be enough to get you there.


For the most part all the other components do not really effect gaming performance. Any motherboard will get the job done, even the entry level H110 series. An SSD storage drive would give you better load times but once you are actually in the game won’t have any discernible effects. A 500w PSU is all you would need if you followed the recommendations above as none of the components are overly power hungry or run overly hot meaning additional fans or big fat CPU coolers would also be unnecessary. All the rest is is up to you, choose a case that suits your budget and aesthetic taste, choose if you need a DVD drive or not and select a WiFi adapter if you need one.

That being said, a cabled Ethernet connection will always be more reliable, faster and have a lower latency than a WiFi network so if it’s at all possible, run a cable!

Figuring out the right balance for you

Here is an approx $1500 Overwatch optimized gaming PC configuration we put together based on the recommendations above.

If you are on a bit of a tighter budget and happy with dialing a couple of the high settings down to mid to get your desired performance here is a $1250 Overwatch ready PC configuration that would get the job done.

Last but not least, on the flip side, if budget was not your main concern and you want to go all out at ULTRA (‘EPIC’) settings / 4K take a look at this Overwatch 4K ready gaming PC configuration here.

Feel free to jump in and make any changes you like or shoot us an email or phone call if you need any further assistance.



E3 Wrap Up with screenPLAY!

Channel 7’s exciting new Australian gaming show screenPLAY (full disclosure, of which Evatech is a proud sponsor!) has done a great wrap up video of all the best games you might have missed this E3. Check it out below and if you like what you see be sure to subscribe the screenPLAY channel on YouTube for more awesome daily gaming content.

Featured in the video is (all coming to PC!)

  • Destiny 2
  • Wolfenstein : The New Colossus
  • Star Wars
  • Middle Earth : Shadow of War
  • Assassins Creed : Origins
  • Call of Duty WW2

and much much more.

With so much gaming goodness right around the corner. Is it time you updated your old gaming rig? If so, you are already in the right place. Checkout out store page for our wide range of fully custom gaming PCs or get in touch via our contact page for some personalized help from our our expert team.

Wolfenstien 2: The New Colossus [E3 2017]

Continuing the deluge of gorgeous new first person shooters getting game play video’s released at E3, Arcane studios new Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is set an alt history 1961 America which the Nazi’s have invaded.

BJ returns as the ever bad ass protagonist to do what he does best in this dark, gritty, swastika filled dual gun wielding ‘shoot em up’ with gorgeous graphics, plenty of blood and of course mechanized, flame throwing Nazi’s.

With glowing write ups from everyone who got their hands on the 20 minute game play experience at E3, Wallenstein is now a front runner for the best of E3 and fans of the series should be excited to get their hands on it October 27th. The game will be cross platform but of course for the definitive experience with the best possible visual effects and fidelity, PC is the only place to play!

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Far Cry 5 Gets Gameplay Video Released [E3 2017]

E3 2017 definitely did not disappoint with a deluge of games to get excited about showing off trailers and game-play videos left right and center.

Once of the games getting the most Hype this E3 was Far Cry 5, with 10 minutes of game-play being shown off for the first time since the teaser trailers released a couple of weeks ago.

With the release date still 6+ months away the game is already looking great and with the developers promising the ability to “Go in any direction, meet any character, partake in any story”, it sounds like they will need every minute of the next 6 months!

For more on Far Cry 5 and all the other great PC gaming news coming down the pipe stay tuned to Evatech!


Buy a GTX 1080 or 1080 TI powered Gaming PC, Get Destiny 2 FREE

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Simply buy any GTX 1080 or GTX 1080 TI powered gaming PC from EVATECH and register your GPU online to get a free game code (instructions provided with the PC) then enter your code in to NVIDIA’s Geforce Experience software, click redeem and follow the onscreen instructions!

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**HURRY : ENDS 27/06/17**

Valkyrie Custom Gaming PC in NZXT Source 340 Elite Matte Black

A fairly simple and well balanced configuration that will be a great performer for years to come. The colour combination really came together well, which will look great behind the full tempered glass side panel. We’re sure that our Sydney based customer will enjoy this even more than we have!

See below for specifications and more pictures.

Case: NZXT Source 340 Elite Matte Black
Motherboard: Intel H270 Chipset mATX
CPU: Intel Kaby Lake i5 7600K 4-Core 4.2GHz
CPU Cooler: 120mm Tower Air Cooler
RAM: 16GB DDR4 Quad DIMM Black Series
Primary Storage Device: 250G SATA3 SSD
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB
Network: WiFi Dual Band N PCI-E Adapter
Power Supply: 600w ATX 80 Plus Bronze
Operating System: Windows 10 64bit Home Edition USB
Anti-Virus: Norton AntiVirus
Packaging: Heavy Duty Packaging & Internal Foam – Required for all shipped custom PCs
PC Warranty: Bronze 1 Year On Site Pickup & Return Premium Warranty Service
Service: Full Assembly, Burn-in Testing, and Setup

Start customising your very own gaming PC.