Intel Kaby Lake 7000 series CPUs Benchmarked

Everyone Gamers waiting for the next gen Kaby Lake series CPUs might be a little disappointed today as reviews and benchmarks surface from major news outlets.

Techpowerup has done a very thorough test of the flagship 7700K against the current gen Skylake 6700K with a large number of popular games and the results are fairly unanimous.  The good news is, if you have a Skylake CPU (or even a Ivy Bridge / Haswell CPU) there’s no reason to upgrade. The bad news, if you’ve been dying to upgrade  your PC and just holding out for the next big generational performance boost, this isn’t it.

Full credit to techpowerup for the benchmarks below, to read their full article visit

So if it’s time to upgrade your gaming PC maybe you should jump on the current gen before it’s all gone and dodge the new generation premium pricing of Kaby Lake motherboards and CPUs? Visit today to get started. Don’t worry, if your still keen for Kaby Lake systems they are on the way too, keep an eye on our website for updates in the coming days.

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Ryu Custom Gaming PC in Deepcool Steam Castle Black

One of our recent customers requested that we take a picture of the hardware for his build before we opened any of the retail packaging, similar to what people do on popular website reddit when posting their own PC build logs.

We’re quite a transparent business and team, so had no problem catering to a simple request such as this.

Here are the pictures we sent through to the customer.

And a little teaser while he waited for the PC to ship out to him…

MSI’s High-Bandwidth SLI Bridge

While most of our customers don’t get SLI systems, there are of course some that do, and for most of these customers, the regular SLI bridge that comes with the motherboard is sufficient.

Then there are some customers who demand nothing but the best from their hardware, and we can’t blame them. This particular customer was spending over $6,000 on their system, before the 4K monitor they also ordered – so when he asked if we could get our hands on a high-bandwidth bridge instead, we had no problem fulfilling the request.

Here’s the pictures!

And here’s a regular SLI bridge, for comparison.

Pre-Christmas Delivery and Pickup Cut-off Dates

Want to order a custom PC before Christmas but worried about whether or not it’s too late to get it built, tested, packed, shipped and delivered? We’ll be working overtime to get as many orders out this Christmas as possible! For a guide please can check the listing below.


  • Melbourne Metro: On or before the 17th of December for pick up or delivery
  • Other Metro Areas: On or before the 17th of December for pick up, or the 13th of December for delivery
  • Rural Areas: On or before the 14th of December for delivery.

New South Wales

  • Sydney Metro:  On or before the 16th of December for delivery
  • Other Metro Areas: On or before the 13th of December for delivery
  • Rural Areas: On or before the 12th of December for delivery


  • Canberra Metro:  On or before the 16th of December for delivery
  • Rural Areas: On or before the 12th of December for delivery


  • Brisbane Metro: On or before the 13th of December for delivery
  • Other Metro Areas: On or before the 11th of December for delivery
  • Rural Areas: On or before the 9th of December for delivery

South Australia

  • Adelaide Metro: On or before the 16th of December for delivery
  • Other Metro Areas: On or before the 13th of December for delivery
  • Rural Areas: On or before the 12th of December for delivery


  • Hobart Metro: On or before the 12th of December for delivery
  • Other Metro Areas: On or before the 10th of December for delivery
  • Rural Areas: On or before the 9th of December for delivery

Western Australia

  • Perth Metro: On or before the 11th of December for delivery
  • Other Metro Areas: On or before the 9th of December for delivery
  • Rural Areas: On or before the 7th of December for delivery

Please note the above dates are what we consider ‘safe estimations’ based on previous years’ orders but are not a guarantee. Express assembly services are available and can add 2-3 days to the cut off date. For the best chances of pre-Christmas delivery please order ASAP!

If you have any questions or if it’s past the cut of date for your area please contact us and we will see if there is any way we can assist!

Post-Christmas Delivery

Evatech will be closed from Christmas Day and open again with business as usual as of 3th of January 2017. Orders placed during the closure time will be processed ASAP upon our return.

As always, to get in contact if you have any questions, please fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Buy Now, Pay Later – 6 Months Interest Free with ZipMoney!

Many of you have asked, finally it’s here, just in time for Christmas. Available from today, customers can purchase anything from our store, including custom gaming PCs without paying a dime today.

ZipMoney allows customers to pay off their purchase (up to $7,000 depending on eligibility) over time with the first 6 months interest free low account keeping fees of only $4.95 per month.

To apply you must be,

  • Over 18.
  • Employed (Full Time, Or Part Time).
  • An Australian Citizen or Resident.

Simply select ZipMoney at checkout and complete an online application form within minutes for an instant decision. Where decisions cannot be made instantly, you will be contacted by the ZipMoney team for a few quick follow up decisions within a few minutes to verify eligibility.

A one time sign up fee may apply depending on the order total but don’t worry, it’s added to your order total so there’s nothing to pay today. Minimum monthly payments apply and will be displayed upon application.

For more details visit

Please carefully consider all terms and conditions before applying and decide whether or not a ZipMoney loan is right for you.



128GB of DDR4, Liquid Cooled i7 6900K & SLI MSI Gaming X GTX1070’s

We can only speculate as to what this absolute beast of a system is going to be used for, but we sure hope it’s for something a little more ambitious than Dota 2 and some school homework!

Sparing (almost) no expense, this build is a behemoth! The 128GB of DDR4 memory took almost a full 24 hours to burn in test alone and housed in a Corsair Graphite 780T chassis it’s physically massive as well.

Red sleeved cabling from the 1000w 80+ Gold rated PSU, red accented Gaming X GPUs from MSI, red LED lit NZXT Kraken liquid CPU cooler and black and red MSI Gaming Pro motherboard come together perfectly in the matte black Corsair 780T chassis with impressive results. Take a look for yourself.

dsc_low-to-high-gaming-x dsc_nzxt-and-g-skill-128g dsc_nzxt-and-g-skill-128g-wide dsc_sli-msi-gaming-x

Time you got a new gaming PC? Why not get it custom built your exact requirements, taste and budget! Checkout our homepage to day and explore the millions of possible combinations. Don’t worry if your not too PC savvy, our built in error checking and game library full of performance indicators and hardware requirements make it a breeze.

Click here to get started.

This week @ Evatech, Liquid Cooled GPUs, Brushed Aluminium, SLI & TridentX RAM

As we creep up to Christmas the orders just start flooding in! While a lot of the orders are pretty similar, well rounded, economical, good value for money custom PC builds, there are always a few that make even our tech team to assemble these things all day every day, stop and snap a photo.

Without further ado, here is just a small sampling of some of the bests this week to give a few ideas for your next custom gaming PC.

Why liquid cool your CPU when you can liquid cool your GPU? The Seahawk from MSI is co-engineered with Corsiar using their tried and true H55 pump and radiator, prefixed to the MSI PCB and encased in a blower air cooler for the VRM heatsinks.


Blue RAM, Blue LED CPU Cooler and Blue PSU Cabling coming together nicely on a matt black MSI motherboard and glossy white NZXT case.


Love them or hate them, the Steamcastle from Deepcool is definitely different. They might be on their way out and stock is getting hard to come by, so this might very well be one of the last we build.

right-side-panel-down-Steamcastle Red

G.Skill’s black and white TidentX DDR4 memory never fails to look pretty in any build, no sharp contrasting colors, just sleek glossy and understated while still being sharp and most importantly, a rock solid performer.


With a customer base so geared towards gaming, the number of SLI builds we get it’s a lot higher than you might guess. It’s by no means cheap, and a single card is always more cost effective, but if you need ALL the power you can get, it’s always an option.


If you your looking for a premium quality chassis, something that just screams ‘premium’ at a glance, InWin’s brushed metal and tempered glass 900 series are tough to beat.


Inspired? Head on over to our custom PC builder page today and checkout your options! You don’t even need to know anything about computers, let our built in error checking & warning system look after you and checkout our game database to help you tailor your performance to the types of games you play! Instant quotes, easy online ordering, 100% custom computers delivered nation wide!

Evatech Moving to a 4x Larger Space in Oakleigh South

When & Why?

With our rapidly expanding customer base it’s come time to expand to make sure we can we can keep up with demand and not compromise our level of quality and customer service! Starting next week we’ll have all hands on deck to make sure the move is as smooth as possible and if all goes to plan, be up and running at our new location by Thursday with little to no disruption to customers, local or online.

If you’re a local, don’t worry, we’re not moving far.

Our new address is only 5 minutes away from our previous store at 1/382 Huntingdale Road in Oakleigh South.Evatech's New Melbourne Address


If you’re an online customer, don’t worry, this doesn’t change anything.

We will still have our same great customer service, product range, quality control and delivery times. In fact our catalog will probably grow, our stock on hand will be even better and our delivery times ever faster!

Thinking about placing an order? Go for it. There will be no delays.

We’ve got it all taken care of,  months careful planning has gone in to devising a move that causes the absolute minimum impact to customers. Our store may be closed for a day as we make the final transition but online orders are processed at our distribution facility and will be un-effected.

Closures during the moving period.

We run a tight ship, and although it’s a huge move, the plan is to only be closed for a single business day. At this point in the time the scheduled closer date is Wednesday the 11th of OCT but if plans change we’ll let everyone know with a banner on our website ASAP.